Fresh French flavors

Written by WGM

WGM enjoys a taste of France with Brasserie’s new four-course special menu at Parisian Macao.

Stepping through the doors of Brasserie Restaurant at the Parisian Macao, one can immediately sense the freshest of French flavors.

Bringing an authentic taste of the West of France and Loire Valley, the venue’s new four-course set menu takes diners on a journey to these places with its authentic array of food. WGM was invited to try this special offer.

We start with an appetizer which includes French Beef Tartar with foie grass terrine and mixed salad with walnut dressing. The combination of these distinct flavors can be described as classic but with a unique twist. Adding a little bit of everything certainly seems to do the trick.

The tartar is crafted with chilled Charolais beef artfully blended with shallots, cornichon, egg yolk and herbs accompanied by homemade duck foie grass terrine and fig compote.

We follow that with the new menu’s main course, Braised French Beef with Potato and White Wine from Saumur. The dish comprises Charolais beef chuck, marinated overnight with Saumur white wine, garlic, herbs and spices then slow-baked until tender. It is our personal favorite for its tender and tasteful meat.

Completing this authentic new regional French menu is Black Mussel Soup with white wine, cream, saffron and croutons. It includes traditional Paris-Brest with pate a choux, hazelnut mousse, roasted hazelnuts and feuillantine. Guests can also pair dishes with a unique selection of wines from the Loire Valley, available both by the glass or bottle. Brasserie’s new regional menu caters a delicious and authentic experience for the foodie in all of us.

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