Masterful Macanese blends

Written by WGM

WGM stops by Bar Patuá at MGM Cotai where Macau’s unique cultural history is replicated in a range of classy cocktails.


Patuá is a Portuguese-based Macanese creole language derived from Malay, Cantonese and Sinhalese and is perhaps the best example of Macau’s long history of cultural integration.

Named after this almost forgotten language, Bar Patuá at MGM Cotai pays tribute to Macau’s rich multicultural heritage and tries to evoke the days when traders and workers brought with them exotic goods from around the world through an array of carefully crafted cocktails.

Offering unique drinks made with premium liquor and ingredients, Bar Patuá not only provides a masterful Macanese blend of East and West on the menu, it also displays its unique heritage via its interiors. The venue’s décor and decorative objects are a mix of classic and contemporary as well as Oriental and European style, providing a heady concoction of romance, elegance and intimacy. It is a uniquely Macanese meeting place for sophisticated travelers from every corner of the globe.

Over the page are two of WGM’s favorite Bar Patuá cocktails:


Patuá Penicillin

Served straight up using dark rum and scotch plus lemon, ginger, honey syrup and fresh herbs, this alluringly mysterious cocktail combines the warm flavors of its fresh ingredients with the luster of its high-end alcohol. Each cocktail is served in a specially-designed vessel inspired by the timeless beauty of an ancient jade bi, resulting in an auspicious drink that will soothe body and mind.


Bunny Mary

A blended mix of vodka or pisco, carrot juice, honey and Pimenton salt, this classic with a twist gets its vibrant hues from the carrot juice, with not a tomato to be found. Flavors and textures abound in this uniquely sweet and spicy vodka concoction.

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