Sense of serenity

Written by WGM

WGM enjoys a traditional Asian spa with modern touches at Conrad Macau.


Balancing the body, mind and soul, visitors may expect a sense of rejuvenation and awakening after a relaxing day spent at Bodhi Spa at Conrad Macau. Bodhi, a state of awakening, refers specifically to the Indian Buddha’s enlightenment.

Bodhi Spa is a true sanctuary for the senses. From the moment you enter, you are greeted by friendly Spa Desk Hosts who usher you to a private consultation room. While you sip on a soothing cup of signature tea, the host determines your spa needs, offering a choice of oil blends for you to test and choose from. Following the initial consultation, you are guided to an oasis of tranquillity – your private spa room.

Your customized treatment starts with a signature foot ritual. The music, temperature and pressure are all adjusted to your liking and may be altered at your discretion. The oils are heated, so your very first impression when the treatment begins is one of warm comfort.

With soothing, practiced strokes, your masseuse commences the treatment and you embark on a journey of tranquility and ultimate repose.

The menu at Bodhi Spa is diverse and specifically designed to cater calmness and rejuvenation. Using a specific oil blend, three kinds of spa treatments – Ayurdevic, European and Asian – offer a choice of three massage levels, from Kapha Abhyanga to Pitta Abhyanga and Vata Abhyanga.

The most recent addition to Bodhi Spa’s comprehensive range of treatments is the innovative new Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Delivering more health benefits in comparison to a traditional hot stone massage, it offers a therapeutic treatment for guests through the use of organic salt stones, mined from the Himalayas.

With 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, its pure Himalayan salt benefits the body by stimulating the circulation, detoxifying, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system and reducing signs of aging.

Bodhi Spa is the first in Asia to offer this dynamic therapy and provides a perfect solution to end your day.


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