Meet the team

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Chief Executive Officer Andrew W Scott
Chief Operation Officer Michael Mariakis
Chief Marketing Officer Derrick Tran
Vice President of Information Technology Gary Madden
Vice President of Chinese Content Sophie Hu
Managing Editor Ben Blaschke
Director of Macau Operations Gigi Lee
Hong Kong Sales Director Angel Wong
Administration Manager Maria Madden
Executive Assistant to the CEO Cynthia Cheang
Distribution, Transport and Operations Manager Alexandre Coutinho
Digital Marketing Manager Jadeson Ho
Macau Editor Yuci Tai
Football Editor Leanne Lu
Assistant Translators Leanne Lu
Zöe Zhai
Gemma Collinge
Reader Support (Chinese) Sophie Hu
Reader Support (English) David Haas
Production Manager Ferdinand Ng
Graphic Designers Ferdinand Ng
Erickson Vivas
Loudemyr Garcia
Desmond Fox
Advertising Enquiries Michael Mariakis
Distribution and Transport Officer Dave Aglosolos
Photographers Cristopher Aaron Baldovino
Dave Aglosolos
The Pai Yao Gang Regular Contributors Pai Yao
The Butterfly
The Dragon
The Eagle
The Panda
The Phoenix
The Stallion
The Tiger
Other Contributors Jenn Barr
AJ Brock
Cynthia Cheang
Dan Glimne
Luís Mesquita de Melo
Railbird Ronny
Andrew W Scott
Past Contributors Angel Au
Dr Raymond Chow
Richard Clow
Gemma Collinge
Jimmy (Ng) King
Edith Lam
Fred Leung
Mary Mendoza
Eva Mok
Christian Newbold
Terry Nichol
Kelvin ‘Puyo’ Ng
James Potter
Gabrielle Ruiz-Barredo
Andrew Tam
Ben Wilson
Harry-Lee Dong Wu
Zöe Zhai

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