Keep on rolling

Written by Joseff Musa

Egg rolls can be found Macauwide and make for the perfect holiday gift.

Not confined to Macau but nonetheless hugely popular amongst both tourist and locals, egg rolls remain a staple of any souvenir shop here selling delicacies and finger treats. Whether in Macau, Taipa or Coloane, you can easily get your hands on these simple but tasty wafer-like biscuits that are sure to delight the most discerning of taste buds.

In Macau, we suggest you go to the popular eat street leading to the iconic Ruins of St Paul’s. This street is usually jampacked with people either queuing or simply trying free samples from the many stalls and shops lining each side. Upon entering, you may even be lucky enough to see these egg rolls being produced right in front of you! Served freshly cooked, they come in many forms and flavors – our favorites are the signature plain egg roll and the wrapped seaweed egg roll.

On the Taipa side, the long stretch of the old village leads to Pasteria Koi Kei which doesn’t disappoint. Flakey and slightly crunchy yet still giving the primary tastes of egg and milk combined, it makes the perfect snack when mixed with ice cream or a cold drink.

Coloane completes the egg roll experience with stalls lined up among the old colonial buildings on the island. And if you are lucky, you may even enjoy eating egg rolls with the old residents who can give you a bit of a history of Macau and its unique delicacies.

For a combination of freshly made snacks and local color, you can visit any of these famous Macau locations where you will likely have the chance to sample the goods for free. Crispy, sweet and feather-light, egg rolls are the perfect Macau souvenir.

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