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#58 From the editor

There is more to an integrated resort than just a casino. In Macau, the Philippines, Singapore, Las Vegas and beyond, these huge resorts provide not only great entertainment but unique shopping opportunities and incredible dining experiences. In many cases, they are also located in amazing cities and countries where visitors can not only stay in five-star luxury but explore the world outside. I was lucky enough to visit the newly opened Tiger Palace Resort in Nepal recently and aside from the quality of the property itself, I loved having the opportunity to visit a country I had never been to before – from the amazing sight of the Himalayas towering above the clouds to the fascinating temples of nearby Kathmandu.

Japan is set to pass an integrated resort bill in the coming months that will also see the country’s first casino resorts built and once again I can’t wait to see the final result while experiencing the incredible Japanese culture at the same time. What a great way to enjoy a short holiday!

Ben Blaschke