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A taste of tradition

Written by Wendi Song

WGM was invited to taste an exclusive dinner with Michelin-starred chef and teppanyaki master Junichi Yoshida at Mizumi at Wynn Palace.

An ancient Chinese philosopher once said, “Fine dining and beauty are two things that people love by nature” – and this is so true. After a hard day at work or on a wellearned break, treating yourself to a great meal is the perfect way to recharge. And if you happen to be a fan of Japanese teppanyaki, it’s hard to go past Mizumi at Wynn Palace.

Featuring modern, custom artwork in bold red, white and gold by renowned painter Sush Machida, a striking yellow steel dogami sculpture by artist Gerardo Hacer and elegant carpet inspired by Obi, the restaurant’s design is defined by the synthesis of traditional sensibilities and modern elements, creating a clean, balanced atmosphere.

The original Mizumi at Wynn Macau was awarded its first Michelin Star in the 2016 Michelin Guide. Adhering to the same spirit of “Omotenashi” – the essence of Japanese hospitality meaning “to entertain and serve diners with your whole heart” – Mizumi at Wynn Palace continues to present truly authentic Japanese gourmet using time honored cooking techniques.

With an extraordinary team of eight Japanese master chefs, Mizumi is a true expression of Japan’s culinary heritage of sushi, tempura and teppanyaki, with the latter overseen by Master Chef Junichi Yoshida and his apprentice, Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi.

Teppanyaki literally means “iron plate grill” and has been a Japanese culinary tradition since 1945. With his impeccable reputation for quality and originality, Chef Yoshida creates signature Ishigaki beef teppanyaki dishes using the finest ingredients sourced from Japan’s premier ranchers and beef suppliers. He was invited to be one of Wynn Macau’s culinary masters in 2015, helping to train and inspire the resident chefs to serve Macau’s best Teppan dishes.

Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Chef Yoshida’s apprentice, has spent 23 years working at Tokyo Bay Hotel and Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan.

“I was captured by the beauty of teppanyaki,” he told WGM. “How enjoyable and fulfilling it was to cook while facing and communicating directly with customers!

“At Mizumi, we use the best black hair Wagyu raised by the Kitauchi Farm, my most trusted supplier. I understand that customers have a wide range of taste preferences, so my team and I cater to this by offering beef served in a variety of ways – with salt, soy sauce or wasabi for instance. By watching our customers closely, we can predict their preferences – this is one of the great joys of being a teppanyaki chef.”

While explaining his food philosophies, Mr Yoshida delicately handles a succulent piece of Yaeyama A5 crispy Wagyu steak, which he has been slow cooking at 50 degrees Celsius for almost 90 minutes. The steak melts in the mouth – perfectly succulent on the inside with a delicate crispness on the outside. This is followed by a rice course cooked in a stone pot with beef soup and Australian truffle, delectable and amazing!

Mizumi used to only serve dinner, however due to diners’ repeated requests it is now open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday too at a reasonable price. We highly recommend giving it a try!