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Big Jim provides members with big winners in January

Written by Andrew W Scott

WGM members are getting richer by the day with Big Jim’s tips. After soft-launching our new website on December 9 last year, we began our sports bet of the day program on January 1, and it’s been a raging success.

WGM’s sports betting expert James Potter (known around the office as Big Jim) has been providing our members with one recommended sports bet every day, and now the first month of tipping is over, it’s time to take a look at the results.

Big Jim started with an incredible streak – his daily selection won for the first seven days in a row. Even by January 10, Big Jim was 9 and 1, a 90 percent strike rate.

We’ve come down to earth a little since then, but still way in front. For the 31 days of January, we had 21 winners and 10 losers, a strike rate of 67.7 percent.

Even when we lose, it’s usually extremely close. For example Big Jim selected both Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray to dispose of Novak Djokovic in their respective Australian Open matches (the final and a semi-final). Both matches were perilously close five-setters, basically coin flips, but both times we were on the man paying the much higher price. Both were great bets, and we were unlucky to go down each time.

Most of our selections have paid around the even money mark, but our winners also include tipping Newcastle against Manchester United, which paid a healthy $2.60 dividend when Newcastle demolished the Red Devils 3-0. We also selected the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers. We suggested taking the Giants at the handicap of +8.5, but they actually won the game outright by a whopping 17 points!

Make sure you come back to daily for Big Jim’s sports bet of the day, and watch your sports betting winnings grow!