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Big Jim's weekend preview

Written by James Potter

Well, the Olympics are finally here! Years of preparation in London will culminate this Friday as the games get underway. To be honest, the Olympics are not my favorite sporting event and I could make a long list of other sports I would rather be watching. The pomp and ceremony of the games drives me up the wall.

You would think the Olympics would be a sports bettor’s dream, but in actual fact most of the events don’t offer great betting propositions. The good thing is there will be plenty of sport to watch, so dust that flag off and start waving it for your country. The team sports and the swimming events will get underway from the start, but you will have to wait a week for the stars of the track to strut their stuff.

The rest of the sporting world will be put on hold until the Olympic circus finishes in a few weeks. There will be golf from Canada, baseball from the US, Australian football and both forms of rugby from down south. There will also be some Group 1 horse racing from France if you like a little flutter on the horses.

Good luck and good punting.