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Big Jim’s weekend preview

Written by James Potter

Okay, I don’t want to see any tears! Football is off the menu for the next couple of months, the lads need to have a break every now and then. Don’t get discouraged though, there is still plenty left to bet on!

The NBA is approaching the business end of the season. The Western Conference is going to see the two best West Coast teams battle it out for the title, a great spectacle for NBA fans. The Spurs are competitive some seasons, however, the Thunder are a new franchise which show every possible chance of becoming something special. I am going to stick with the Thunder to keep the fairy tale alive. You are going to get some great prices on the Thunder in this series and I think they represent huge value.

In the Eastern Conference, the Celtics are either going to play the Heat or the Pacers – a complicated scenario. If the Heat can overcome the Pacers, improve their form against the Celtics and make the finals, then they will win the World Championship. I’m not entirely convinced about this though – the Celtics might be too professional for the Pacers.

So, what does this tell you? Well, get on the Heat if you think they can get the job done in the East, but if you think they are going to fall short, then get on the Spurs or the Thunder. It’s confusing, I know, but if you want a tip for the title, I am going for the Thunder, the team with the most talent (after the Heat who are pampered pooches).

There is plenty of baseball and golf on this weekend, and in ice hockey, two teams are scheduled to battle it out for the Stanley Cup. However, the sport that will have some great head to head match-ups is the Australian Football. I am telling you, get into this game and you will never look back. I think the best bet for the weekend is Fremantle at the handicap/line against their West Coast rivals the Eagles.

This will be one hell of a game, but I think Freo will be there every step of the way and are great value. Freo would have just come back from Tasmania which is not the perfect lead up, but they get an extra few days rest, and I think Hawthorn are far harder opposition than St Kilda, which the Eagles struggled to put away last weekend.

Well, good luck and good punting, and make sure to get on the Thunder in the NBA and Fremantle in the AFL.

Big Jim