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Big Jim’s weekend preview

Written by James Potter

We will learn a lot about the EPL this weekend. Man City and Chelsea both face weak opposition at home and should win easily. Arsenal, Everton and Man United have tough games on the road, but I reckon all three will come away with the points. Tottenham vs Villa and Liverpool vs Stoke are interesting games which could be upsets if you are looking for some value.

We can say goodbye to Australasian team sports and welcome some excellent action from the US. The NFL season is heading into week five and games are becoming a little easier to predict. This weekend most of the favorites should win easily. The interesting games include Eagles vs Steelers, Broncos vs Patriots, Chargers vs Saints and Texans vs Jets. Apart from the Texans, every one of these teams were fancied at the start of the year but need to win this weekend or face the serious possibility of being excluded from the postseason.

In baseball, the playoffs have begun which is a great thing for sports lovers. Major League Baseball is a little like basketball to me. They play such a long season that only when they head into the playoffs do things get interesting. It appears pretty open this year and there will be some good value if you place a future bet on a team now. My advice is to steer away from the Yankees and the Rangers and cross your fingers that you picked the right team.

Justin Timberlake hosts his own golf tournament this weekend. Does this musician-cum-actor-cum-philanthropist really deserve his own golf tournament? Even though it’s for charity, it’s a big let down after the Ryder Cup.

Good luck and good punting.