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Big Jim’s weekend preview

Written by James Potter

I have to admit that I don’t really give motor sports the recognition it deserves. It is a world-wide sport and one that is loved by millions of people living in the Asia Pacific region. I find watching loud cars going around and around fairly boring but that shouldn’t cloud my judgment or stop me reporting on it.

Outside of the Macau Grand Prix (which is party central), my two favorite motor sports are Formula One and Moto GP. They have a certain flair and international flavor that other motor sports struggle to compete with. I also enjoy the grid girls at the start of the race and sweaty men who like going really fast spraying girls with champagne at the end of the race. On a more serious note, the battle between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso at Silverstone in the F1 will be intriguing as will the battle between Dani Pedrosa’s Honda and Jorge Lorenzo’s Yamaha in the Netherlands.

To continue with the contrary nature of this preview, I will inform you that the Tour de France is about to get underway. Watching the Tour for me is a little bit like playing golf on a really picturesque golf course. Even if the golf sucks, at least there is something nice to look at. Two of my good friends love Le Tour but it seems like organized torture by drug-fuelled athletes to me. I understand that there is plenty of strategy – especially trying to avoid running into the idiots that stand by the side of the road getting into the way of the riders. I am reliably informed that Christopher Froome ($1.80) and Alberto Contador ($4.00) are the clear picks in this year’s tour so if in doubt, go with the guy that has been there and done it all before at the better price. Go Alberto!

The tennis from the lush lawns of Wimbledon will be drying out – that’s the courts, not the players. Again, the men’s championship should provide us with some excellent matches from the quarter-finals through to the crowning of the champion.

Baseball, rugby, golf, AFL and NRL are all still on the sporting menu for this weekend, so after a little lull we are right back into the excellent position of having too much sport to choose from.

Good luck and good punting.