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Big Jim's weekend wrap

Written by James Potter

Usain Bolt became the greatest sprinter of all time over the weekend. After toying with us in the semi-final he came out and blasted us away. Once he put his foot down the only race being run was for the silver medal. In fact, if he had a better start he probably would have beat his own world record. I hope you got on nice and early and snapped up a good dividend. To be honest, I think Bolt has been stuck in third gear over the last year but he was never going to lose when it mattered.

The swimming is now over and the big story was Michael Phelps. He has left the Olympic pool for the final time after amassing a total of 18 gold medals, a staggering figure in such a competitive sport.

The British Olympic team has done incredibly well in the Games so far. They have won multiple gold medals in a variety of sports and have put on a cracking show hosting the Olympics. The real flops have been the Australians and it’s time for them to stop giving themselves pats on the back for underachieving.

It’s going to come down to the wire between China and the USA in the gold medal race. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the Chinese can get over the line.

Moving on to other sports, the Chiefs were great in the Super 15 final. It’s also time to throw a few dollars on Hawthorn to win the AFL Grand Final. They are the best team in the competition and after their recent loss to Geelong now is the time to get behind them.