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Big Jim’s weekend wrap

Written by James Potter

It’s down to the final two teams in the NHL. The New Jersey Devils will take on the Los Angeles Kings for the biggest prize in ice hockey. To be honest, the Canadians can keep ice hockey, I would rather watch tiddlywinks. I don’t see the big deal about the sport, but a few mates of mine think it’s absolutely fantastic and I have it on good authority that the Kings will win the series.

The NBA is down to four teams with the Spurs and Thunder in the West and the Celtics and Heat in the East. I think the West could go either way, and the Heat will crush the Celtics in the East. We will talk more about the World Series at some later date, but I think it is far from certain that Miami will win this year as both Western teams are the real deal.

It was nice to see the West Indies in such good form in England, and it was great to see the mighty Richmond Tigers smash the Hawks in the AFL. South Sydney is also on the charge in the rugby league, which is getting me excited. In golf, Ben Crane might not have finished in the top 10 last weekend, but he did sink an eagle on a par-4 and made the cut for the plays of the day.

Big Jim hasn’t had the best of weeks on the tipping front, but stay true and we will bounce back this week with a bit of tennis action from the French Open.

Good luck and good punting,

Big Jim.