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Big Jim’s weekend wrap

Written by James Potter

When Sergio Garcia charged to 4-under after just 10 holes of the US Open I was licking my lips and getting very excited but it quickly turned to sheer and utter depression as the Spaniard went on to drop six shots in just two holes. Then again, that’s why I love the US Open so much. I just wish it didn’t happen to my charger! I had a feeling Justin Rose was nearing a big result but we backed him a week or so too early. The Englishman was the last man standing at the soul destroying Merion course which chewed up the game’s best golfers and spat them back out if they ventured off the fairways. Big leftie Phil Mickelson was heroic in defeat as he led for nearly all of the first three and a half days before stumbling at the end to hand Rose his first ever Major.

The World Cup qualification games have been very interesting and I suggest you take a look at my article about FIFA’s World Cup website which will answer all the questions to work out the qualification puzzle. The South American qualification looks to be the most exciting region with only Argentina looking like a lock to make the World Cup. There are another six heavyweights of world football fighting it out for the remaining three automatic qualifying spots but we will have to wait for that to be played out in September.

The NBA Championships continue to enthrall us as both teams continue to trade blows. San Antonio scored a huge win this morning to go 3-2 up in the series but with the last two games to be played in Miami they still have a lot of work to do. At least we are privy to a long series that deserves to go seven games. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I am still confident that the Heat will get the job done.

The LA Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks are going to open their 2014 baseball season in a double header in Sydney next year. This is huge news for lovers of baseball in the Asia Pacific region and I would hope that the games get a huge turnout as it will be the first time that an official Major League Baseball game has been played in the Southern Hemisphere. Melbourne will be furious they let Sydney secure this historic event as Melbourne has always considered itself the sporting capital of Australia, if not arguably the world!