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Can you "Wynn" all the time?

Written by James Potter

Everyone in the casino game has to respect what Steve Wynn has achieved. It’s impossible not to. He was already the star of the casino industry before he gambled it all on his own “Wynn” brand and that gamble has proven to be a winner.

But I’m curious to see where the Wynn brand will head in the future. Wynn prides itself on being at the cutting edge of opulence – especially in Las Vegas. There are a lot of top end properties in Macau but in Vegas (perhaps aside from the Bellagio), Wynn reigns supreme.

The problem is, what will Wynn do when a newer and bigger luxury casino opens up and challenges him for the top end dollar? It’s a good question and one I am sure Mr Wynn has contemplated. Maybe he will simply upgrade what he has already built to ensure it is fresh and new?

Some casinos age well and others don’t. Wynn Las Vegas is a prime example and the next Wynn property in Macau is going to be simply amazing. This organization doesn’t appear to be in any immediate danger of losing their billing as the top end brand in either town. Time, however, will eventually catch up with Wynn – especially in Vegas – and it will be interesting to see how one of the world’s most respected casino tycoons will deal with this problem when he needs to recreate his brand to keep up with the times.