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CasinoLeaks Macau gone for good?!

Written by Andrew W Scott

Infamous dirt website, Casino Leaks Macau, shut down today at 4am Macau time, showing the following home page:

The site was sporadically back up at various times today, but with many broken links and documents removed. The people behind Casino Leaks seem to be in the process of systematically dismantling the site.

This email went out to Casino Leaks subscribers last night:

We here at WGM like to think that we had a lot to do with this.

For example, take a look at the feature length cover story we wrote analysing Casino Leaks in our May/Jun issue. Here’s the cover of that issue:

And in our Sep/Oct issue, due out in a few days, we had this article postulating on Casino Leaks total silence since June 22 this year.

As we said in that article, we’re happy to see the back of this silly website.

We just sent an email to Jeff Feidler today, and also one back on August 21. Those emails are reproduced below. We’re not holding our breath waiting for a response.