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Choose your transport wisely

Written by Yuci Tai

Macau isn’t a particularly big place – its three islands only total around 29 square kilometers. Even so, if you rely on your feet to get you around you’ll be exhausted before you know it, so it pays to familiarize yourself with the public transport system.

But today I’m going to introduce you to something even better than the official public transport – a free transport option which locals refer to as the “Fortune Bus” – the free shuttle buses on offer from Macau’s casinos and resorts. These buses pick up and drop off at Macau airport, Macau Ferry Terminal, Yuet Tung Ferry Terminal and the border gate. Some also have points in downtown Macau and Taipa. Not only are they more comfortable than public buses, they go point to point without stopping – your very own free express service!

You might be wondering if you are allowed to catch the bus if you’re not staying at the casino hotels. Of course you can! As far as the casinos are concerned, this is a great way to lure you their way. If you want to go to the Macau peninsular, you can take the Wynn or Grand Lisboa shuttle buses. Heading to Taipa? Catch the Venetian, City of Dreams or Galaxy shuttle buses then head to your destination by foot. Cotai’s three integrated resorts even cooperate with one another and their shuttle buses will happily drive to and from all three locations!

Remember though that the “Fortune Bus” doesn’t cover all of Macau and doesn’t run all night so there are times when you might need a taxi or normal bus. Taxis cost 17 patacs for the first 1,600 meters and 2 patacas for every 260 meters afterwards, while bus fares range from 3.2 to 6.4 patacas.

Next time you visit Macau, think about the free rides on offer before you join the taxi queue!