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Civilian Paradise

Written by Yuci Tai

Today I’m going to talk about a place where you can take in a spectacular panoramic view of Macau. A place where local residents relax and exercise, and with the only garden with a zoo in the Macau Peninsula.

The Flora Garden is located at the base of the Guia Hill and near the Avenida de Sidónio Pais. It is a family leisure destination and has been responsible for the happy memories of many Macau residents. It’s covered with red and green flowers and trees, has monkeys which never fail to make visitors smile and birds of many different types twittering like a chorus. If you walk up to the Guia Hill, there is a healthy path and multi-purpose sports courts as well as a children’s playground. This is where residents regularly exercise.

If this isn’t enough to stimulate your eyes, take a look at the bomb shelter which is a legacy of the former military defense system. It consists of a number of underground tunnels and brings back memories of when I still was a teenager and came here with a group of friends, holding a flashlight to explore but being startled by each step. The government has since altered one of the tunnels to be a show room of the bomb shelter, explaining its history along with information about the modern-day military.

Don’t forget to go to the Guia Fortress which is located at the hilltop. There you will also find the Guia Lighthouse dating back to 1865 – the first modern lighthouse on the Chinese coast. It’s also a good place to overlook this colorful city. After having enough fun and feeling tired, you can then catch the world’s shortest Cable Car. At 186 meters, the journey time is about a minute to go down the hill and back to the Flora Garden.