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Written by Joshua McCartney

Located on the Macau Peninsula, Barcode is a unique nightspot offering a great selection of drinks mixed with some vibrant entertainment.

Modern and stylish, Barcode is the latest addition to Macau’s Peninsula nightlife located in the heart of one of the cityʼs hottest bar areas. The perfect place to spend a night relaxing and having fun with friends, it has quickly become a buzzing hot spot for locals and tourists alike with the diverse selection of drinks complemented by some unique entertaining options along the way.

Walk into the bar and your eyes are instantly drawn to two-custom made “Beer Pong” tables situated invitingly in the center of the room. Resembling two finely crafted pieces of art – at least for those with a competitive streak – neon lights illuminate the tables with an enticing glow that adds to the contemporary and sleek feel of the interior.

Fuchsia lighting runs through the space creating an electrifying ambience for laughs and gaiety. The minimalistic design accentuates the modern theme of modernism that Barcode so clearly displays.

Order your drinks while sitting comfortably at one of the many well-arranged tables. The contemporary feel is further highlighted by a drinks menu displayed on iPads and provided by attentive, friendly staff. Rest assured you will never have to worry about your glass running dry in this place – the vigilant cadre make sure that each request is answered with lightning speed.

The atmosphere at Barcode is best described as animated with the sounds of laughter and lively dance music aided by a spacious interior that allows you to enjoy the buzz while still retaining your personal space. The neon lighting and urban artwork coating add an industrial touch that makes good use of the natural interior space.

As for the drinks menu, Barcode is one of the few places in Macau to offer an array of champagne cocktails and is the only venue serving Orion Draft Beer from Okinawa, Japan.

Dress down, drink up and enjoy a night of festivities at this unique nightspot.