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Dinner with a view

The Panda
Written by The Panda

This article first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of WGM.

No. 973, Estrada da Ponte de Pac On,
Island Park Bloco XIV Taipa
+853 2886 0166
12:30 to 23:30 (7 days)

WGM discovers a great new restaurant in Taipa providing deliciously creative meals that won’t break the bank.

Dining out in Macau has become a tradition. The city is well known for its gastronomic culture and locals and visitors alike take advantages of the many choices on offer. However, there seems to be a wide gap between the high-end Michelin Star restaurants and the smaller, more affordable eateries. Macau is still lacking in good solid options when it comes to mid-range, non-resort restaurants.

But it’s not all bad – one of the good things about Macau is that it is yet to be taken over by the franchised restaurants commonly seen elsewhere. Instead, the many restaurants found outside of the resorts are often family-owned and offer a local flair.

Among them is Le Bistro Marcellinho, a relatively new restaurant in Taipa and one of our favorite recent discoveries. Le Marcellinho defines its cuisine as modern European, but perhaps it would be better described as international cuisine with a modern touch.

The restaurant’s location is what makes this space so special. Near the old University of Macau building, it is situated on the ground-floor of a residential building. As guests enter, they find themselves in a cool, understated environment with simple décor but a spectacular view! The floor-to-ceiling windows offer great vistas of the city’s skyline and more than make up for the simplicity of the restaurant itself.

Le Marcellinho’s menu is varied and diners have a wide range of options to choose from. There are a few upscale creations and experiments with molecular cuisine but there are also burgers and sandwiches well suited for those preferring a lighter meal. The price range is fair too, considering the quality and portions. For a three-course meal with wine, you can count on spending about MOP$400 per person. The service is good and the well-trained staff will welcome you warmly.

What impresses most is the staff’s flexibility – a quality all too scarce in Macau. Whether you prefer your meal without the onions or you’re not a fan of spicy food, no request is too difficult. There is also a well-stocked bar and a great bartender who will be happy to prepare you wonderful cocktails, shots or even coffee.

Our favorite of the evening was the Traditional Prawn Ceviche topped with Lemon Foam, which was quite fresh and well-seasoned with chilli. For the main course, the Pan-seared Salmon with tabouleh Couscous, Red Pepper Puree, wasabi mayo and Green Pepper Caviar, managed to surpass expectations. The salmon was crispy on the outside yet soft and rosy on the inside.

The verdict? Like most establishments there is always room for some improvement but Le Marcellinho is undoubtedly an impressive newcomer to Macau’s dining scene, offering great service with a touch of creativity.