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Eat Street

Written by Joseff Musa

Leading up to the Ruins of St Paul’s is a street filled with the unmistakable smell of meat jerky.

Be it for a gift or their own personal enjoyment, one of the most popular food products carried by tourists heading back across the border from Macau to mainland China every day is meat jerky. This famous street food is a common site around Macau’s many landmarks, but perhaps the best place to find meat jerky is on a street called Rua de São Paulo which leads up to Macau’s most renowned attraction, the Ruins of St Paul’s.

On Rua de São Paulo, visitors and locals alike can enjoy free food tastings provided by the vendors of various authentic Macau food stalls, all of them competing to try and stand out from the crowd.

The long stretch running uphill to the face of the Ruins provides a variety of genuine Macau flavors but none are more visible than the huge selection of meat jerky. Made from either beef or pork, visitors can try before they buy to bring back home to loved ones. From sweet to spicy, thinly sliced to thick and everything in between, meat jerky is a fine representation of traditional Macau street food.

Produced by using quality meat and roasted in secret special sauce with honey and maltose syrup, the rectangle sliced meat is also perfect for snacking on while walking around and seeing the many fascinating sights in old Macau.