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Experience counts

Written by James Potter

Last week I talked about Andrew Luck and what a great athlete he is given his lack of experience. In sports betting you should never underestimate the importance of a player’s experience. It takes time for most professional sportsmen to mature, and while some athletes might seem incredibly fit, they may not have developed the skills required to be competitive.

Nowadays athletes receive mental conditioning and coaching, but this alone cannot prepare them for the pressures they will be subjected to throughout their career. The off-field trials that await them often receive more publicity than their on-field performance. Fame and fortune, girls and partying, and the constant scrutiny of press can all take their toll. However, commonly overlooked are the pressures they face on the field. Imagine running out to play with the lights in your eyes and thousands of screaming fans. This is the kind of challenge that separates the mice from the men.

You should be cautious of young unproven athletes, especially in big games or in the post season, finals or playoffs. In these matches, the pressure levels increase as the stakes get higher, and seasoned professionals use their expertise to impose mental and physical strain on their less experienced opponents.

When betting on an athlete, you should be investing your money on someone you can trust. Make it a point to do your research and learn about a player’s history and experience before laying down your bet.