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Feeling the game

Ben Blaschke
Written by Ben Blaschke

This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of WGM.

Targeting a generation that grew up with video games, global gaming leader IGT recently launched the world’s first 4D slot machine, Sphinx 4D – a spectacular sensory experience like nothing before seen on a casino floor.

Like its predecessor Sphinx 3D, the upgraded version boasts glasses-free 3D technology to provide an incredibly realistic visual experience. But Sphinx 4D introduces an extra dimension via gesture recognition functionality and the impressive air haptic technology. While gesture recognition enables players to interact with and manipulate the game’s 3D objects, air haptic technology allows players to experience real-time tactile feedback.

And just to make sure there can be no unwanted outside distractions, Sphinx 4D is delivered on a 32-inch touchscreen TV and towering 50-inch Ultra HD 4K curved display. IGT’s new Crystalcurve True 4D cabinet even goes so far as to include crowd-detect capabilities that engage passing patrons and invite them to play the game. Equipped with a mobile device charging port, it is paired with an ergonomic multimedia sound chair with player- adjustable settings.

When playing Sphinx 4D, multiple senses are engaged – a first in the world of slot machines. According to IGT, “3D has been around for some time, but now we’re adding 4D, which measures the distance to the player’s eyes to ensure a full experience … it’s a fun product that’s generating a lot of conversation.”

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