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Futures betting

Written by James Potter

When you bet on the future markets you have to think of it as investing in the stock exchange. Now that you can bet for or against teams to win a competition, you have an excellent opportunity to ”trade”.

Trading is the best option you have when backing teams to win a competition. After all, you have months to make your investment work for you. What you need to do is look for a team that represents good value and one whose upside outweighs their downside.

Let’s take this year’s EPL season as an example. Chelsea started the season at 5/1. This is a great bet. If they get off to a flyer they will shorten dramatically. In the EPL, good teams get some easy games so there isn’t going to be a disaster that would see their odds lengthen outrageously in the short term. Manchester City are horrible value in regards to trading. They have such short odds they could easily drift out quite significantly in comparison to their original quote. On the other hand, even if they get off to a great start it’s hard to see them tightening up in the betting until much later in the season.

Betting on events that tie your money up for a long period of time can be counterproductive. However, there is money to be made from trading in the short term on long term markets. Just keep your eyes open for teams that are capable of dramatically changing their odds.

You should also be prepared to take losses as well as wins. Have a stop on both sides of the equation and that way you can minimize your losses and still revel in your successes.