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Galaxy Macau launches new poker room

Written by Andrew W Scott

It’s been a long time coming, but Galaxy Macau has finally opened its doors to Macau’s poker community with the launch of its new Pavilion Poker Room.

The small but attractive room is located smack bang in the middle of Galaxy’s main gaming floor and boasts eight tables – six cash tables and two for Sit’n’Gos and tournaments.

WGM was on hand for yesterday’s official opening and were impressed by the layout of the room and enthusiasm of the staff. Situated on one of the handful of raised areas that run through the center of the room, it features its own cashier and promises exceptional service including gourmet food options.

Galaxy Macau has previously baulked at offering poker but told us there were a number of reasons for their change of heart. Customer demand was obviously one key factor, but so was the timing with the shifting Macau market taking the focus off VIP gaming. They also have much more space to play with following the opening of Galaxy Phase 2 earlier this year.

Our one concern is the lack of any genuine poker experience among the Galaxy staff. The room will be run by Scott Milburn who has experience at Crown Melbourne – home of one of Asia-Pacific’s best poker rooms – but he was never specifically poker. We also ran into Galaxy’s Vice President of Premium Direct/Mass Gaming Robert Massarotti who is a great guy and we know has a lot of experience in the past but again, Robert isn’t a specialist poker guy.

[b]Poker icon Johnny Chan was on hand to launch the Pavilion Poker Room[/b]

This is no reflection on the abilities of any of the Galaxy staff. A poker room is such a unique beast that even the experienced gaming types can struggle with its intricacies, however the fact that the room is a small one will no doubt make the transition somewhat easier.

The Pavilion Poker Room will offer only No Limit Hold’em for now with other games to be considered down the track.

Games will be offered at 25/50 and up with rake usually set at five percent and capped at HK$250 for 25/50 and HK$300 for all higher games.

However Galaxy Macau is offering a rake special for the first month of operation with rake in every hand at all tables capped at HK$100.

With its handful of cash tables and no scope for major tournament, the Pavilion Poker Room isn’t a huge commitment to poker by Galaxy Macau but we’re pleased to see them enter the fray with what looks to be a great venue for casual and leisure players to spend some time at the tables.