Gift of good health

WGM heads down to local Macau family-run business and dried fruit establishment, Lemon King, to discover the secrets to its long-time popularity among tourists.


Nowadays, more and more people are opting for the healthier choice when it comes to food. Traditional dried fruits such as raisins, walnuts, almonds and all types of citrus provide a wealth of nutritional benefitsand help meet a person’s daily fruit intake. Dried fruits can  also help in maintaining a healthy weight as well as being the perfect snack for just about any occasion.

It was with this in mind that WGM discovered Macau’s Lemon King – a must-visit venue for anyone looking to bring dried fruits back home as a gift.

Hidden away from the bustling crowds of Rua de Sao Paolo, Lemon King offers a unique and healthier snack to  its customers.

“This branch of our store has been here since 1999 but we were originally established in 1973 in Hong Kong,” explains Lemon King owner, Chan Wing Wah.

Taking over his father’s legacy of selling these healthy snacks, Chan says that Lemon King has sustained over the years because of its ability to provide tasty snacks that are also good for one’s health.

“The lemon zest, for example, is the most popular among tourists,” he continues. “It is full of fiber which helps give you better digestion. Another one of our more popular items, ginger, stimulates the appetite.”

The Lemon King’s dried fruits are produced in Hong Kong with ingredients sourced from different parts of the world, including a large quantity from Turkey. Though Chan says his products should not to be used as a substitute for medicine, he hopes his shop can continue to provide a healthy option to boost the immune system.

“Just as I have done, I hope that in the future my son will continue this kind of business so that many people can still enjoy a traditional healthy snack,” he says.

The Lemon King has earned plaudits from the esteemed Michelin Guide for the last three years for its healthy Macau delicacies – a definitive hint as to why so many tourists keep coming back for more.