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Golf Betting

Written by James Potter

The British Open takes center stage this weekend so let’s take a look at the huge range of golf betting options available for this tournament. Obviously, you can bet on any golfer to win, but with over 100 starters this can be problematic (even though I think Tiger Woods is a great bet this weekend).

You can back a top 4 finish, a top 10 finish and you can also bet on players to make or miss the cut. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that if there are multiple ties in top 4 and top 10 betting then you can see your money evaporate faster than a dew drop on a sunny day.

You also have a wide range of group betting options, such as top American player, top European player, past winners and young guns. These differ from bookmaker to bookmaker and are great markets if you like one player in particular, and want to follow him against a handful of players instead of the whole field.

Another option and one of my favorite market types is head to head betting, which usually pits players of similar ability against each other. I tend to bet on as many as 10 or 15 of these in every major tournament, and if I shop around and get good prices I can turn a nice profit.

The last major betting type is the daily 2 and 3 ball betting markets. The 3 ball betting markets are available on the first two days when players play in groups of three, and the 2 ball markets are available on the last two days when players play in groups of two. Be wary though, some bookmakers include the draw as a betting type, so it might appear that you are getting a great price when in actual fact you are not.

Get on and good luck!