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Good Food Guide: Café Kokoro

Written by The Panda

The café boom has made it to Macau, but the food can often be monotonous. In many cafés the food looks nice but isn’t very tasty. However, we recently discovered Café Kokoro. In addition to providing an all-day breakfast, pizza, salads, desserts and other Western-style food, some Korean elements have been added to the menu and not only do they work surprisingly well, they taste very good! The café environment is a little exotic but feels casual and relaxed. The portions tend to be very large – particularly the Pork Cutlets with Cheese, the Korean Shrimp Roll and salad or the Beef Ribs with Korean Shrimp Roll and salad. These dishes are fit for people with huge appetites.

The Tomato Mozzarella Panini is nice. The melted cheese penetrates the bread, making it crispy outside and soft inside. There is also a wide selection of drinks such as yogurt smoothies, wines and more. If you love trying something new, you can pick one of the unusual latte flavors which include pumpkin, sweet potato, black bean and green tea. The milk froth is slippery and a little bit sweet.

Good Food Guide
Address Rua de Barganca, Nos. 9-15,
Edif.Jardim de Wa Bao R/C C E D, Taipa
+853 2883 6178
Open 9:00 to 22:00