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Good Food Guide: Café Portuguesa Chio Chan

Written by The Panda

In recent years, prices in Macau have soared and dining expenses are no exception. However, Café Portuguesa Chio Chan is extremely competitive with its prices. This café doesn’t have luxurious decoration, but its food is comparable to the dishes offered in bigger restaurants and its service is warm and friendly. They offer many different combo meals at different times of the day.

Less in price doesn’t mean poorer in quality. For example, in their lunch combo meals, besides the main dish, they also offer soup and coffee or tea. Those with a smaller appetite can even share a dish between two. The mains are mostly Portuguese style with very rich ingredients and are as tasty as the food in any other Portuguese restaurant, although there are also many kinds of Chinese dishes to choose from.

Besides lunch combo meals there are also breakfast and afternoon combos, or if you aren’t interested in combo meals feel free to select your favorite Chinese or Portuguese dishes.

Good Food Guide
Address Rua de Evora, No. 336-340
Telephone +853 2884 4062
Open 06:00 to 21:00 (7 days)