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Good Food Guide: Coffee Pattern

Written by The Panda

We recently tried a new coffee shop, which opened only a couple of months ago, called Coffee Pattern. Its main color palette is refreshing green and white and together with the wooden tables gives a simple and natural feel. We ordered rice in black pig broth, which is very popular and often sold out. The great thing about this dish is the broth is brought to you in a separate pot and customers pour it over the rice themselves. This dish has a strong dried fish and seaweed flavor and is tasty but not greasy. Another recommendation is the roasted sesame salad with its strong sesame sauce flavor.

Together with fresh vegetables and croutons, it is a perfect hot weather choice. They also provide homemade bread and dessert, using high quality ingredients with no chemical baking agent added. The coffee making here is very strict. Temperature, use of the whole bean, proportion and timing are all in tight control. Looking around the shop, you will notice lots of paintings on the wall, with some simple illustration. These paintings are for sale and the owner told us they also hold art exhibitions and musical performances here occasionally!

Good Food Guide
Address Rua do Bispo Medeiros, No.4B, Edif. Tak Cheong, R/C,
Loja C, Macau
Telephone +853 2856 3439
Open 11:00 to 19:00 (closed Tuesdays)