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Good Food Guide: Eiffey Cafe & Waffle

Written by The Panda

In recent years, stylish coffee shops have started emerging one after the other in Macau. One of the most noticeable is Eiffey Café & Waffle and its main selling point is its muffins. Eiffey’s strawberry muffins, which come with Dreyer’s ice cream, are by far the most popular with great presentation, a strong egg flavor and a lovely soft texture. But don’t worry – if muffins aren’t your thing there is plenty more to choose from. I recommend the meatball pasta or the green curry chicken. The meatball pasta has a strong tomato flavor and the meatballs are hand made by the owner, while the green curry is another unique dish that is popular amongst the locals.

Eiffey is a very interesting place with the décor based around Paris’ Eiffel Tower, set off against a blue and white backdrop with many interesting ornaments collected from all over the world by the owner. A cute touch is the serving of each drink in a different type of cup. I tried the Cocoa with marshmallow, served in a cup with angel wings. It has a very strong chocolate flavor. Don’t miss out!

Good Food Guide
Address Rua do Bispo Medeiros,
No. 40A, R/C, Macau
+853 2852 3084
Open 11:00 to 22:00 (Tue to Sun)