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Good Food Guide: Enjoy Deli

Written by Raquel Dias

At the newly improved quarter in Rua da Esperança at Tap Seac square is Enjoy Deli, a delicious and authentic Thai restaurant.

I was first taken there by a friend who is a true connoisseur of good food. She told me I would love the place and she was right. The chef is a nice Thai gentleman who loves what he does. The restaurant itself has a laid back yet cool décor with a quality menu – and the service is quite decent.

We ordered two of the house specialties. First was the Tom Yum Goon soup with vermicelli, and I couldn’t have enough. The presentation of this dish is flawless and the flavor is great too. You can order it as spicy as you like and the vermicelli and salted egg both come on the side.

The second dish of the day was the unique Chicken green curry. The meat is cooked to perfection, making it tender and tasty, whereas the delicious sauce is a thing of beauty. Assorted veggies, salted egg and rice complete the joyous ensemble.

We did not have room for more, but the tables next to us were delighting themselves in good-looking waffles and cakes, which made me think I would soon return for tea-time.

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+853 2852 2510
Open 12:00 to 21:00 (Wed to Sun)
Average Price MOP$60 per person