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Good Food Guide: Golden Mix Dessert

Written by The Panda

Macau has rapidly developed into a hot spot for Asian tourism. There is no doubt the casinos have been the major driving force, but the many choices of great food have also played a role. Golden Mix Dessert at Ponte 28 at the Inner Harbour (near Sofitel Hotel at Ponte 16) is a fine example. As the economy develops, people expect higher standards.

Old dessert shops offered no more than red or green bean paste, sesame soup and the like, but nowadays dessert shops need to be more creative. Golden Mix creates its own desserts after much tasting and experimentation. Among their home-made desserts are mango with rice noodles, bird’s nest mixed with mango juice, double-boiled sea coconut with xueha (toad’s ovaries) and various other kinds of snacks. Golden Mix Dessert has become a favourite.

Good Food Guide
Address G/F shop, 31B R. da Riberira do Pantane
(opposite Ponte No. 28), Macau
+853 2895 0543
Open 16:00 to 02:00 (7 days)