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Good Food Guide: Seoul Korean Restaurant

Written by The Panda

It is not easy to find real Korean food in Macau. The Seoul Korean Restaurant surprises many with its authenticity. Owner Mr Xu is Korean, but his family lives in Hong Kong. He thought about opening a restaurant in Hong Kong, but felt the market was already saturated and too competitive. Macau has more potential, so that’s why he’s here perfecting his craft. Spicy chilies are essential to Korean cuisine, so that’s why Mr Xu has his own pepper plantation in Zhuhai. Wow, what passion and commitment! Good Korean food is about so much more than just kimchi.

Barbecue beef is also an integral part of Korean cuisine. Beef lovers will enjoy the wide range, which includes tongue, sirloin, rib and fatty slices. When in Macau craving authentic Korean food, look no further than Seoul Korean Restaurant.

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Address 484 Rua Cidade de Coimbra,
Edif. Kong Fai Un Macau
+853 2875 7690
Open 12:00 to 22:00 (7 Days)