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Good Food Guide: Sun Yick Chinese Restaurant

Written by The Panda

What’s the most important element when you go to a restaurant – the quality of the food, the environment or the service? We tend to lean towards the environment, or ambience, and there is plenty to go around here. The owner of Sun Yick, who is also the chef, is known as a whimsical cook who goes by the mantra “eat with joy”. He brings unlimited creativity to the dishes and even their names on the menu make you laugh. This isn’t just a gimmick though – the restaurant is packed every night and the quality of food is the main reason the locals come again and again.

One dish, called “The pot’s lid was opened, good smell comes naturally” – which is sautéed spinach with shrimp paste served in sizzling casserole – is just like the name … when you open the lid, you are hit with the strong fragrant smell of garlic and smoky red pepper. It’s very tasty. “We are the best partner”, “Split the iceberg” and “The true man” are also good choices. Of course, if you don’t read the menu details, you probably couldn’t guess the contents of the dishes!

Good Food Guide
Address Shop 1B, G/F, Block 1, Povoacao de New Village,
Telephone +853 2848 1046
Open 18:00 to 04:00