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Good Food Guide: Wonderwall Coffee

Written by The Panda

The Macau government encourages young people to start up their own businesses. Due to the implementation of the interest free financing plan, there is coffee shop boom in the market lately and there are now as many coffee shops as 7-11s! Recently while walking by an inner street in the old town area, we were attracted by a coffee shop with simple but somewhat fun decoration. As soon as we walked in we felt relaxed and peaceful and there was a sweet languor about it. The shop mainly sells coffee and home-made cakes.

We ordered one cup of cappuccino and our favorite – apple pie. The coffee is moderate in its taste and fragrance – just the way we like it – and the foam is rich and creamy. Very delicious. The sweet and sour apple flavor in the apple pie is just right. The only flaw is the cinnamon not being strong enough. The shop also provides various types of cakes. Next time we will definitely bring a large group so we can taste more cakes!

Good Food Guide
Address Rua do Volong, No.54A
Telephone +853 6555 3650
Open 12:00 to 20:00 daily