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Buses in Macau are quite affordable. They are usually reliable in terms of showing up on time but are overcrowded during peak hours. You can buy a “Macau Pass” and charge it at most supermarkets or convenience shops. A one-way ticket will cost you MOP$6 at most (US$0.75).



Macau is subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. However, high humidity often means that lower temperatures can feel particularly cold. Visitors should note that typhoons often strike from mid-summer to Autumn which could stop many activities. There are four levels of typhoon alerts – 1, 3, 8 and 10. From signal 8 all activities are suspended and the bridges connecting mainland Macau with Taipa and Coloane closed.



The official currency of Macau is the pataca (MOP), which is divided into 100 avos.

The pataca is pegged to the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) at MOP$1.03 = HK$1 and, in practice, a large percentage of cash transactions in Macau are made in Hong Kong dollars, which are accepted on an equal 1:1 basis by almost all businesses. If you pay using Hong Kong dollars, you may receive patacas as change, or a mixture of patacas and Hong Kong dollars. Recently, RMB has been widely accepted as well. However, please note that patacas are not accepted outside of Macau – including in Hong Kong – so make sure you convert your currency before you leave Macau. Most credit cards are accepted in Macau.


Important Phone Numbers

Macau country code +853
Emergency 999, 110 or 112
Fire Station +853 2857 2222
Police +853 2857 3333
Judiciary Police +853 2855 7777
24 Hour Gambling Counseling Hotline +853 2823 0101
Caritas Lifehope Hotline +853 2852 5222



Taxis in Macau can be tricky. Although reasonably cheap, drivers have been known to refuse rides and to overcharge, both illegal practices. Always remember to make sure the meter is running and never negotiate the fare amount. To be safe, we recommend always catching taxis at a designated taxi stand like the ones you will find at all of Macau’s casinos and resorts. To report any abuses, contact DSAT on +853 8866 6363. There is also a new radio-taxi in town and they speak adequate English. They can be reached at +853 2881 2345 – however be aware this company only has a limited number of taxis and are often booked out.


Uber in Macau

Uber exists in Macau but its legality remains disputed, with the government claiming it is illegal. Although they do tend to be reliable, you run the risk of being pulled over by police in which case it won’t be only the driver hauled off to the police station for questioning!


Hospitals and Health Centers

There are three main hospitals in Macau. The public hospital is called Centro Hospitalar Conde S Januário and is located in Macau, although an emergency room (ER) was recently built on Taipa side. Expect long waiting hours and bad service. Macau’s oldest hospital is Kiang Wu, a semi-public funded institution which also has a traditional Chinese medicine wing. Waiting hours in the ER are reasonable and doctors are usually attentive. The newer University Hospital is a great option for cheap yet decent consultations. Running from 09:00 to 21:00, this hospital offers great facilities, friendly and competent staff as well as reasonable fees.

Hospital Conde S Januario +853 2831 3731
Hospital Kiang Wu +853 2837 8311
University Hospital +853 2882 1838


Macau Oriental Health Center (Tap Seac)
Av. Cons Ferreira Alm. +853 2852 2232
Porto Interior Health Center
Const. Brito Ed Misto 4o. +853 2892 0024
Taipa Health Center
Largo do Ponte, s/n, Taipa +853 2881 3089
Coloane Health Center
Largo Pres. Ant. Ram. Eanes, Coloane +853 2888 2176


Macau International Airport

There are no direct connections beyond Asia but Macau International Airport is a hub for low-cost airlines.


By Ferry

Macau Ferry Terminal – Connects Macau to Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport and several destinations in mainland China.

Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal – Connects Taipa to Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport and several destinations in mainland China.


Border Gate

Gongbei/Portas do Cerco (Border Gate) – Many visitors can cross the border between Macau and Zhuhai by applying for a single-entry visa upon arrival.


By Helicopter

Visitors wishing for a quicker connection to Hong Kong can take the Sky Shuttle service at the Macau Ferry Terminal. Tickets to and from Hong Kong cost HK$4,300 each way while if you’re off to Shenzhen it will cost HK$5,900.


Don’t forget …

  • Cars in Macau drive on the left
  • Macau operates under the “one country, two systems” principle with its own laws and currency
  • Currently there are no restrictions on internet usage in Macau