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Heirs of the Dragon

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of World Gaming magazine.

In ancient east there is a Dragon, her name is China.
In ancient east there is a people, they are all Heirs of the Dragon.

Wherever you go in China, people know the popular song Heirs of the Dragon. This song has deeply touched the hearts of Chinese people around the world, and describes the inseparable relationship between the Chinese and the Dragon.

This divine relationship can be dated back more than eight thousand years. That’s around 3,000 years before the start of the ancient Egyptian empire, never mind Ancient Greece or Rome!

It is said the Dragon is a sacred animal based on animals such as the fish, crocodile, snake, pig, horse and cow, combined with natural astronomical phenomena such as cloud, fog, thunder, lightening and rainbows. Over thousands of years, the Dragon has become the totem of the nation, a word evoking the Chinese people.

Of the 12 zodiac animal signs of the Chinese lunar calendar, it is the Year of the Dragon that is held in most reverence. In 2012 the Chinese New Year begins the moment the clock strikes midnight to begin January 23, and that moment will be of even greater significance than usual, because it will indicate the beginning of the first Year of the Dragon of the New Millenium*.

Dragons stand for strength and are symbols of luck. The way the Dragon moves is a sign of growth, renewal and great things to come. Under the protection of the Dragon, the Heirs of the Dragon have the best chance for their dreams to come true.

The WGM team wishes everyone the best of luck in the year of the Dragon. As we always say here at WGM: Follow the Dragon!


*The main event of Asia’s biggest poker tournament, the world famous Aussie Millions at Crown casino in Melbourne, has three flights of day 1, on January 22, 23 and 24. Our CEO Andrew W Scott has decided to play his day 1 on January 23, as it is such a special, lucky and auspicious day.