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Houston Rockets Harden up

Written by James Potter

The Houston Rockets are attracting a lot of attention this year with James Harden and Jeremy Lin stealing the spotlight. However, are we seeing the emergence of a serious basketball team or just a circus act?

The early signs are positive with two wins from their first three games. Lin is averaging a little over 15 points but he can’t compare to his teammate Harden, who is averaging around 35. Harden is the main man at Houston and he’ll have to keep producing the goods for this team to continue winning.

Harden was the third overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft, and he quickly became the best number six in the game for the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, he still has much to prove in his first role as team leader. His impact last year was unquestionable but when his team needed him most, he couldn’t produce the spark against the Heat.

Lin is much better suited to the role he now plays with the Rockets. It was going to be a tall order for him to be the spine of the young team, but he is the perfect number two behind Harden.

It’s easy to doubt the Rockets, but at least they’re having a go. Both of these signings are expensive and risky but if everything clicks they might just have something!