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Intoxicated by The Wine Museum

Written by Yuci Tai

Some people say, “Eating is a necessity of the stomach, drinking is one of the soul.”

Today I want to share with you the Asian first Macau Wine Museum. Wine is an indispensable item at a Portuguese meal and Portugal is the country of origin of some of the most long-lived wines in existence – Madeira and of course Port. At the Macau Wine Museum, visitors will learn all about the history of the wine and the vineyard, the world of the utensils connected with the viniculture and wine production and witness a complete exhibition of vintage and new wines.

Wine tasting is the highlight of the visit with one taste setting you back just MOP$10 or three tasting for MOP$15. For those who want to know more about how wine can be explored through with senses of smell and sight, a table next to the tasting area supplies more detailed information. You can also have a look at the section on wine tasting in the presentation.

A tip for visitors – The Wine Museum plays the traditional Portuguese music “Fado” on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:00 and it is definitely worth heading in at this time to participate. You can also buy any wines you enjoy in the wine shop, or simply pick up a free wine bottle cork as a memorial.

And if that’s no enough fun for one day, you can head straight to the Grand Prix Museum afterwards which just happens to be right next door!