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“Lesson in gambling” brings US$1 million jackpot

Written by Ben Blaschke

An American couple are US$1 million richer after a lesson in gambling saw them unexpectedly hit the jackpot.

Glenda Blackwell wanted to show her husband that he was wasting his money after he sent her to buy two Powerball tickets in Asheville, North Carolina, so she purchased a US$10 scratch ticket instead.

“I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn’t hit,” she told ABC News. “Sometimes I get aggravated with him, so I tell him, ‘You’re just wasting your money’.”

Instead, when Mrs Blackwell scratched the ticket it revealed the top US$1 million prize.

“We’ve struggled a lot so now we can buy our own home and our own land,” she said.