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Looking for a big win

Written by James Potter

Some gamblers out there don’t want to play either the player or the banker in baccarat for an even money return. Many of them prefer to hunt for bigger rewards. In baccarat, this means betting on a tie at 8/1 or pairs at 11/1.

The money wheel gives you the chance of a 50/1 payout. Roulette comes in at 35/1 if you bet a number straight out. Blackjack tables which offer side bets such as perfect pairs provide the opportunity for some big wins.

The biggest return you can ever expect to get from a small outlay is the jackpot on a slot machine. In theory you can hit this jackpot with the minimum bet. Keno and lotteries also offer huge rewards for a small outlay but of course with the big odds comes a very small chance of hitting that monster pay day.

You can also get some huge prices on sporting teams if they are big underdogs or you can take a number of games in a parlay or multi bet to boost the dividends. In poker you can win some big pots and both poker and other table game tournaments can offer huge rewards if you can wade through the competition.

If, however, you are looking for the biggest payout on a table game then you will have to go to the sic bo table. If you are smart enough to predict how the three dice will fall you can enjoy a 30/1 reward. If you are feeling particularly lucky you can even try to predict a particular number coming up each individual dice and get paid a whopping 180/1.

This is one of the thrills of gaming. We know these bigger odds are working against us but there is no bigger thrill than taking a chance and seeing it pay off in a big way.