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Lotto no skill? You might be surprised

Written by Pai Yao

You would think lottery draws would require the least amount of skill of any form of gambling. After all it is all luck, isn’t it? You mark the numbers and the machine spits out the balls. If your numbers come up, you win.

Even though you have no control over the balls that come out, you have complete control over the numbers you pick. And trust me, this makes a very big difference. Lotteries are not like Keno because they pay a dividend. If two people win the dividend the amount of money awarded to each is halved. If 50 people win the dividend is divided by 50. This is standard pool betting or what is known in the trade as parimutuel betting.

The trick is to choose numbers other people don’t choose. How do you do this, I hear you ask? First, let’s think about what numbers people traditionally choose. Birthdays are everyone’s favorites. This means any number over 31 is going to be taken far less frequently. The numbers between one and nine are also commonly taken because everyone grows up with a favorite number. Finally, it is believed people subconsciously take numbers in the middle boxes over numbers on the edge of the ticket.

So although the numbers you choose don’t change your odds of winning the top dividend, if you want to maximize your chances of scooping the division take high numbers, take numbers on the edge of the ticket and steer away from numbers between one and nine.