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LT Game adds EZ Baccarat to Live Multi-Game stable

Written by Ben Blaschke


Macau electronic gaming machine leader LT Game has announced the addition of no-commission baccarat variant EZ Baccarat to its Live Multi-Game systems.

Having originally partnered together in April 2015, when an agreement was signed for LT Game to become the exclusive distributor for EZ Baccarat in Macau, the new Live Multi-Game version will be rolled out to some of LT Game’s 4,500 terminals in the coming months.

MGM Macau will be the first casino to trial the electronic EZ Baccarat game on over 100 of its LT terminals.

EZ Baccarat, also known as Dragon 7, is the leading baccarat game brand in North America and has built its popularity around a simpler model that lowers the house edge while also speeding up play to allow more hands per hour.

“This is a great opportunity for us,” said EZ Baccarat co-founder TJ Tejeda. “LT Game has been a huge player in the Macau scene and with the market changing there are more and more companies on the lookout for more diverse gaming offerings. The timing was right for both of us.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with DEQ to integrate their blockbuster EZ Baccarat on our LMG system,” said LT Game Chairman Jay Chun.

“Undoubtedly it can remarkably enhance the baccarat player gaming experience and MGM Macau can also benefit from the additional side bet features. We believe advancements in gaming technology brings the most benefit to both operators and players.”