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Macau likes to party

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the Sep/Oct 2010 issue of World Gaming magazine.

Macau is so much more than just the Asian version of Las Vegas. It has its own culture, its own feel and as we have discussed in the past many things that Vegas simply will never be able to live up to. However, it does have similarities and we can look towards Las Vegas for insight on what Macau might offer its visitors in the future.

The biggest and best casinos in the world that cater to gamblers first and foremost are in Macau. As more casinos are built Macau will simply extend its lead. Macau casinos offer world class accommodation and dining options but they have only just started to scratch the surface when it comes to ‘off the felt’ entertainment. In that area Las Vegas has perfected its art. Thumping night clubs, bars, shows and entertainment are all an important part of what makes Vegas. Macau will surely follow in these footsteps as the casinos and entrepreneurs fight for the consumer dollar, and those consumers start to demand a wider range of entertainment. This means there are great times ahead for the Macau partygoer. There will be more and grander options and bigger and better venues springing up all over the place.

The market may not have matured but there are still some world-class places to hang out and have some fun when you find yourself gambled out in Macau. World Gaming’s resident party animal The Stallion is a renowned party machine and he has dedicated himself to bringing our readers all the very best from the Macau party scene.

Starting this issue The Stallion has a regular column, and will be featuring some of Macau’s hottest night clubs, greatest little bars and pubs and some of those places you have heard rumours about but have never really known if they existed or not. This month The Stallion takes a look at one of the most iconic bars in Macau: MP3. It’s a bar you simply have to go to as anyone you meet who has ever been to Macau will have been there and you will want to exchange stories and flaunt your street cred.

Some of the places The Stallion will be reviewing in the future include:

  • D2 (in the AIA building): Probably Macau’s hottest late night venue, world famous but don’t get there before 2am.
  • DD3 (at Fisherman’s Wharf): Like its namesake with a stronger Asian influence.
  • Cubic (now in AIA but soon to move to City of Dreams): About to become Macau’s first mega-club and might just be what finally puts COD on the map.
  • Veuve Clicquor bar (at MGM): A classy more refined bar that features the very best when it comes to French bubbles.
  • Playboy Club (at Sands): Hasn’t opened its doors yet but we’re all salivating at the prospect. No one parties like Playboy and what better place to welcome the Bunnies than Macau’s first international casino, the Sands.
  • Bellini Bar (at Venetian): The biggest casino’s party central venue. Great live music and a great place to kick off the evening.
  • Lion’s Bar: The Stallion has already given WGM readers the lowdown on this super hot live music venue.
  • The Roadhouse: A great little pub and the perfect place to watch some sport while having a quiet drink or three. Brilliantly decked out with memorabilia and perfect for escaping the casino floor.
  • The Whisky Bar at StarWorld: The sixteenth floor of StarWorld is home to this well-known live music venue. The perfect place to chill out after a hard session at the tables.

Make sure to check out The Stallion’s review of MP3 this issue and keep an eye on his column for all the inside info on partying in Macau.