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Macau’s “Yellow House”

Written by Yuci Tai

The Ruins of St. Paul is a must-see landmark when you visit Macau and is flooded by tourists daily. But the Macau Tourism and Cultural Activities Centre, commonly known as the “Yellow House”, tends to be left out in the cold despite the fact that it sits right next door.

The “Yellow House” has five floors, each with different features and is a great place to get a feel for the diverse cultural heritage of Macau. You will find the city’s most famous UNESCO Heritage, tourist spots, latest infrastructure, major events, itinerary planner and other tourist information via a brand new innovative interactive multimedia system. A fascinating array of “Made in Macau” products are available and can be personalized as souvenirs.

On the first floor, visitors can enjoy Portuguese style coffee with Portuguese egg tarts and other traditional delicacies, while enjoying the wonderful views of the Ruins of St. Paul. There is also a Gourmet shop and Handicraft and Design shop. The second floor boasts the “Macau Tea Story” which explains the history of tea in Macau – the perfect opportunity for the ladies to enjoy an afternoon tea together!