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Merrywell done, Panda!

Written by The Panda

This article first appeared in the May/Jun 2013 issue of World Gaming magazine.

World Gaming’s very own food critic The Panda reviewed Merrywell at Crown Casino in Melbourne in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of WGM. He handed out a massive score of 17.5/20 for the restaurant – the second highest Panda score ever awarded. It appears the word is now out and he isn’t the only one in love with Merrywell’s burgers.

The Merrywell restaurant and bar at Crown Casino has been voted as having the “Number One Burger” in Melbourne by the “Burger Adventure” team. And burger review website “Burger Friday” lists Merrywell’s burger at number three on its “All Time Best Burgers” list.

Grant MacPherson and Sammy D with their award-winning burger

Grant MacPherson and Sammy D with their award-winning burger

In March, Grant MacPherson and Sammy D from The Merrywell were awarded the Burger Adventure’s “Burger of the Year” award, naming their signature “The Merrywell Burger” the best Melbourne burger of 2012.

Here’s what the Burger Adventure had to say:

The team from The Merrywell have raised the benchmark for Melbourne burgers to an even higher standard. This is no easy feat when you consider the quality of burgers this town is currently producing. Glorious.

“The Merrywell” is everything a meat lover would want in a burger: a juicy pink beef patty, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, special sauce, bacon and a serve of French fries for AU$22.

The Panda said in his review last year, “Unless you have spent time in the US you have no clue just how good a burger can be and [the burgers at Merrywell] were first class”.

To read the Panda’s review in full visit our website and type “Merry well done” (with the quotes) in the search box.

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