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Pampering for the soul

Written by Raquel Dias

This article first appeared in the May 2017 issue of WGM.

WGM ventured outside the bright lights of Macau’s integrated resorts and discovered that true indulgence doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With so many big properties and resorts around town, it is easy to forget Macau also boasts a number of smaller, family owned spas where guests can go to unwind. Although these places often forgo some of the exuberant lux of their big hotel counterparts, they offer something else instead – soul.

Such is the case with La Belle – Nails, Facial & Body Care. Situated in Rua De Madrid (just next to Nape’s Pizza Hut), the salon and spa is a one-stop shop that provides beautifying services and relaxing massages.

The ritual of entering a spa is universal. As soon as you step inside, your body recognizes the faint smell of incense, the quiet meditation music and the taste of a warm tea. At La Belle, the host will make you feel at home with a cup of honey-lemon tea.

The décor is simple yet inviting and – as you go up the solid wood staircase – a sense of calm invades you. Tea candles and a special touch of Indonesian flavor in the décor help your mind enter the relaxation zone as well.

The treatment rooms are a nice surprise. Elegant and comfortable, they have all the perks of the big spa rooms. Guests will find a nice little basket with the usual amenities – disposable underwear, deodorant spray, hairbrush – and a full shower just for themselves.

All massages at La Belle come with a wonderful complimentary scrub, made of natural sea-salt. A quick shower, making the skin feel as smooth as can be, follows the scrub.

WGM chose the signature massage upon our visit, having previously tried the hot stone massage. The treatment, as per La Belle’s description, is a combination of, “Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Therapy and Thai massages.”

Scented oils are used as well so that guests also benefit from aromatherapy during the massage.

90 minutes at La Belle fly by and when complete provide a sense of renewal as good as any you’ll experience in Macau’s bigger spas. There may not be any fruit or yogurt served at the end of the treatment, but there is the genuinely warm smile of someone who will remember you the next time you drop by.

For those who can’t resist a manicure, La Belle also boasts a beauty section at entrance level where you’ll find a fully equipped hair salon and a nail parlor too. The vast array of nail treatment options start with the basic manicure, which includes a paraffin treatment. Should guests choose not to have any nail polish the price will be slightly lower but still comes with a nice wax polish, leaving nails healthy and extremely shiny.

We couldn’t help but notice that La Belle is filled with nice gestures. Guests receiving treatments downstairs have complimentary Wi-Fi, tea and coffee. Products are also from recognizable brands and therapists are well dressed and groomed.

And for the ladies, full waxing services, make-up sessions, hair treatments and even eyelash extensions are available. For facials and massages, there is quite a range of options on offer, making La Belle unique in Macau.

Given its convenient location and value for money – a 90-minute massage plus mini body scrub will set you back MOP$600 – we can’t recommend La Belle highly enough.

La Belle – Nails, Facial & Body Care
Rua de Madrid No. 105, Wan Yu Villa Shop AM
11:00 to 23:00 (7 days)
+853 2875 2842