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Players Cards

Written by James Potter

It’s an unfortunate phenomenon that many Macau casino players are reluctant to join players clubs. Players clubs are the best way for you to experience all that any casino has to offer.

Casinos are like any other business – the good ones go out of their way to look after their clients because if they don’t they know their players will search for greener pastures. The problem is the only way a casino knows you are playing at their property is if you are a member of their players club. Once they know you are a loyal patron they will set about looking after you.

One of the longest running players card programs in Macau is the Sands Rewards Club. This is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of the many Sands properties all over Macau.

You might be amazed at what you get recognition for. Every time you stay, play, shop or dine at a Sands property you can receive points. You will also be amazed at what you can get for simply being a member and showing your card when you use any of their facilities. Discounts, accommodation, special offers, food and beverage and travel are just a few of the advantages that many players are missing out on. Why miss out on something that costs you nothing and rewards you in the process?

You will find that most Macau casinos have a players card system in place so take the time to join up as you are missing out if you don’t. Time to get rewarded!